Temple of Leah: A Love to Last a Lifetime in Cebu City

In Greece, it is common to see structures like the Parthenon or Erechtheion. Did you know that you don’t need to go to Greece and pay a humongous amount of cash in order to see structures like the Parthenon? It’s much closer than you think and it exists in the Queen City of the South, Cebu City.

The Temple of Leah is located in Barangay Busay. It was constructed as a symbol of love by Teodorico Adarna to his wife Leah Villa Albino-Adarna. Both are grandparents of the actress Ellen Adarna. Imagine having a man like that as a husband. He will provide you not only with a car or other luxuries, but an entire temple all for yourself!

Temple of Leah in Cebu City
Temple of Leah

The construction of this grand place started in the year 2012. The construction is still on-going but a lot of people still flock to the Temple of Leah during holidays or weekends. It’s already considered a must to visit in Cebu City. Once you enter the grounds of the temple, you will see two golden lions welcoming you to the entrance of the temple itself. You may take a picture with the lions. They added some railings so that you’ll have something to hold on to for safety. 

lions guarding the entrance at Temple of Leah
Golden lions

Once you enter the temple, you will find a great big golden statue of Leah. She sits on her majestic throne like a Greek Goddess. There are two staircases to the left and to the right leading to different rooms however, it cannot be opened because some parts of the temple are still under construction.

9-foot bronze statue at Temple of Leah
Statue of Leah

You will also see statues of women that look like nymphs. When you’re in Temple of Leah, it really feels like you are strolling around in ancient Greece. Even with its partial construction it already looks marvelous. How much more would it be if it finally gets completed?

a fountain at Temple of Leah

Since some parts are still on heavy construction, we can only view them from outside the window. We could see shelves of books because apparently there will be a library inside temple of Leah and a cafe. Upon learning that, it sounds like a great place to chill and read books, surrounded with old world structures and furniture.

To get to the temple of Leah you may ride a motorcycle in JY Square Mall for Php 150.00 – Php 200.00 per passenger. If you have a private car, the Temple of Leah is near Lantaw Busay and Mountain View Nature's Park and the place isn’t that hard to locate. There are a lot of signs on the road to Busay and it’s not hard to miss them because the signs are big enough for everyone to see. The entrance fee to the Temple of Leah is Php 50.00 per person. However, if you go there for photo shoots the rate is Php 2,500.00. For more information, you may contact the management using this number +63 32 233-5032.

Contributing Writer: Edelyn Codera
Gratis: The Vibrant Visayas Blog would like to extend gratitude to South Shore Tours for sponsoring a Twin City Tour in Cebu for our writer. The Temple of Leah was one of the stops in that twin city tour.

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